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Welcome to Orners Corner! This is my repository of projects I am currently or have worked on that I wanted to share. Most of the projects will be electronics based with some random things thrown in. I constantly find ideas or methods of doing things that are better shared with others; some of these are already used elsewhere and some may not be. Check in anytime and see what Im up to lately as this page is constantly changing.  

Projects List

Project DescriptionDate
Experiments and Ideas
Precision PIC Timers Generating very precise periods with PIC timers2019
Heathkit foot Extensions 3D printed foot extensions used on 60's and 70's Ham Radios2020
Gain/Atten/Ref circuit Simple switchable op-amp based Gain/Reference/Attenuation block2023
Texar Prism Clone My modern take on the classic Texar Prism Mulitband Compressor2022
Absolute Value circuit Absolute value circuit needs only one opamp*2023
Relay Latch/Un-latch Relay latching/un-latching circuit uses no active components*2023
Thermistor Linearizer Thermistor linearizer provides Vout proportional to temperature in degrees C2023
Hints & Kinks
Pluggable PCB standoffs Use micro bananna plugs and threaded spacers as pluggable standoffs2020
Versatile Clothes Pins Reconfigure household closepins for holding small objects2020
Panel labeling My method for producing almost professional panel labels2022
Software and Applications
Serial Port Program Serial port program with storable presets for rapid development2017
HP54600 Series Oscilloscope Screen Capture Utility Software to capture screen on legacy HP54600 Oscilloscopes2017
HP Legacy ESA-E Series Oscilloscope Screen Capture Utility Software to capture screen on legacy HP ESA Spectrum Analyzers2017

* Article is part of my Whats old is new again series of revisiting unique design ideas from the past

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