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Serial Port Program

Figure 1
Figure 1 - Serial Port Program Interface

While working on a project that required repetitive commands being sent to a microcontroller I wrote this serial port program since many of the standard programs do not easily store a list of last used entries for quick access. To use first select the baud rate and COM port in the drop down and press the connect button. The commands are entered in the Transmit Data field and the appropriate carriage return/ line feed combination is checked. After sending the data, the received data will be shown. If the "Save Session to File" is checked it will save to a text file. The recent command list is a running list in the current session of unique commands. While its not full featured it is time saving when debugging and trying to stress test serial comms to a microcontroller or other device. As time permits I may re-visit this code and make improvements to functionality.

Serial Port Program executable for Win XP/7