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The Texar Prism Clone project page

This is the project page for the Texar Prism clone I developed to which I gave the model number TPC-100. This project was more of a personal endeavor to see if I could take most of the 80s technology from the original design and simplify it into something within reach of anyone who wishes to make their own. The basic functionality is the same without using LDRs which are harder to obtain and age over time and without the messy calibration needed to keep them aligned. Without going into the backstory here is an excellent article from the late Glen Clark on the original: The audio prism story

Everything needed to build the TPC-100 is in the download links below. I still have some inventory of bare PC boards available but this is not a financially expedient endeavor that I will retire on so I have decided to allow others to build and source this however they find most efficient. The only area that may prove difficult is the programming of the PICs but a PICkit3 programming tool and MPlab-X software makes it relatively easy to do. Hopefully this will live on and find use in hobby broadcasting or in studio work. Enjoy!

Figure 1
Figure 1 - Front view

Figure 1
Figure 2 - Inside view

Figure 1
Figure 3 - Rear Panel

Demo video courtesy of Alex Janis

Here are the files and links needed to build:

Ordering link for the MB1 main PCB (1 ea)

Ordering link for the DS1 display PCB (2 ea)

Ordering link for the BP1 4 band processor PCB (2 ea)

The build guides for assembly

Code needed for programming the PICs

Supplemental files. BOMs, panel templates, fpd file for Front Panel Express, PC program