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Pluggable PCB Standoffs

There are cases where an electronics design has modules that must be mechanically attached but also offset due to height contstraints. Header connectors are often used for the electrical connection and some form of clip or latch to hold the assembly in place. Here is a quick solution that I have used many times both electrically and mechanically to hold two assemblies together which has proven quite durable with repetitive use. This is especially useful for applications involving clamping or holding two pieces together when gluing or setting epoxy and keeping everything in compression. The parts used are a mini bannana plug, Keystone Electronics #451 and any suitable 6-32 threaded standoff. The plug threads into the standoff and the tip portion fits snugly into the next standoff as shown. Any 6-32 nut, including a pressed in PEM nut can be used for attachment to a panel or PCB. There are many uses for this basic assembly and the pictures show a simple application.